Opticron Countryman 8x42 MC

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Brand and Model:Opticron Countryman 8x42 MC
Price ($USD):$99.00
Attributes:un-checked Waterproof un-checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:0 mm
Magnification: x
Prism Type:BAK4 Porro
Coatings:Fully Multi-Coated
Field of View:8.2 degrees
Eye Relief:0 mm
Near Focus:0 ft
Weight (lbs):25.7 oz.
Dimensions (w/h/d):145*172mm
Description:Very Wide fild of view at 8.2 degrees, fully multicoated, Bak-4 lenses, all for 99 UK pounds. This was my attempt at comparison to the cheaper models but at a reasonable cost. These binoculars have been around for some time so are cheaper that other opticron Bak-4 Binos.

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Opticron Countryman 8x42 MC
Tried them on a full Moon with good clear results. Stars seemed bright but I found some of the suburbia street lighting becoming a nuisance. No reflection on these binoculars though. For the money I paid, with good multi coatings, and Bak 4's, they did extremely well.

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.31.150)
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Opticron Countryman 8x42 MC
To continue this new entry, I was pleasantly suprised at both build and optical quality for such a small price. Daytime images are clearer than my cheap Bak 7 binos, and they feel light enough for long astronomy use. Very suprised to see no other Opticron binos in this review as the quality seems very high. As grab and go binos with the standard min specs for well made products, these can be recommended. The close up views are sharp. Still to test at night but its looking good.

Rating 8.5

Overall Rating: No Vote
Weight: <none>
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.32.220)
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