Fact200 is a windows 2000/XP application that is made to help users search and read news feeds more easily than Web based interfaces. To see examples and read more about it, click here

Excelsis Integration

The Excelsis integration enables users to search through multiple sections at once. In addition, Fact200 actually downloads the information and webpages from Excelsis so that you have your own mini-database of astronomy reviews to peruse through. It's ideal if you are constantly looking up or re-looking up equipment.

To use Fact200 with the Excelsis website, simply download and run Fact200 from here.

Next, visit the samples page here and click on the Amateur Astronomy link. It's important to run Fact200 before you do this in order to setup the file type associations.

You can either open the link directly, or first save the file to your computer and then open it. Either way, Fact200 will create a new library to perform Excelsis astronomy search in.

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