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Entry: Anime:Titles:Sugar a lilte snow fairy

Summary: Saga is a very mature elementary school girl in a nice little European town. Going by a strict self-created daily schedule, she has little tolerance for the unpredictable. One day though, when rain strikes, Saga finds a hungry little fairy, which she gives a waffle too. The fairy follows her home and Saga's tidy life becomes a total mess as the little snow fairy Sugar bounces and flys her way into Saga everyday life. Sugar is not just normal fairy though, she is a young season fairy, who are fairies that create the elements for seasons, such as rain and clouds. In order to become a full-fledged snow fairy though, Sugar must obtain a "Twinkle" in order to make a magic seed grow, which has managed to take root in Saga's mini piano. Not being able to leave the magic seed, Sugar also takes root in Saga's house, giving Saga's life a complete turn-about. Just what is a Twinkle though? Sugar, along her friends Salt the Sun fairy and Pepper the Wind fairy, are going to find out just that, with maybe a little help from the reluctant Saga.

Animation: Well If that summary wasn't sweet and cutesy enough for you, then the art and characters will make you loose all your teeth to cavities. With the Character designs being by the cute-master Koge Donbo, Suger, a Little Snow Fairy is almost to cute to take. Thankfully, all that cute is balanced out by it's clam and serene backround art, which helps to calm down that sugar high Sugar will give you. The animation itself though, is nowhere lacking. For a kids how, Sugar is incredibally clean, sharp, and smoothly animated, with little to no mishaps. The animation doesn't go to any extremes, but then again, it doesn't have to. The series is reletivly cutsey, but calm and to the point, which is just how the the animation is.

Plot: Now truth be told, this is a kids show. It does though have just enough story and character interaction to make it so that adults can like it too. Despite being a kids show though, it has a story with an obvious beginning an conclusion. With it's easy going story telling, you don't need to give your brain an ulcer just to follow it. The characters all have there own personality and character traits, so you should not have to much of a problem figuring out who is who. Even with all the characters having there own querks, no character is over-bearing, and work to compliment the other characters around them, so everyone can be easily liked.

Humor: It is a cute and bubbly kids show, so of course humor is in there too. Though unlike most kid shows today, Sonw Fairy Sugar's humor doesn't resort to crude and stupid jokes. It is a smart, refined kind of humor that is rare for kiddie show today. It is mostly just cute, fun, and innocent humor. It should be enough to make anybody laugh and giggle at least once.

Soundtrack: The opening is a upbeat and catchy little song that goes along with that "cute" theme. The ending is more calming, like a bedtime lullaby. Both equally match the series in retrospect. The backround music is just as complementary to the series is it OP and ED. It is mellow, but upbeat. It should also be mentioned that the snow fairys all cary around a musical instrument. When the instrument is played, it makes whatever it is the fairy represents. Sugar has a flute, and whenever she plays, it makes snow. All the tunes played on the fairy's instruments represent the personality of the character quite nicely. Same goes for characters like Saga, who plays the piano. Every piece works to compliment whatever is going on to the character and series, while at the same being nothing short of plesent to the ears.

Overall: This series is a cute, fun, and funny ride for someone of any age. It is an especially good show to watch with family and children. If your not into cutesy-wootesy anime, then this definitly is not for you, but it should be an enjoyable play for anyone else.

Overall Rating: 8
Animation:9 Plot:8 Humor:8 Sound Track:7
Weight: 19
Date: 03/07/2007 02:27:59 pm PST

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Entry: Anime:Titles:Pokemon

I've decided to edit this post since I was looking back and noticed how simplistic I wrote in it. I'd rather give a much better review than what I had previously, since I really like Pokemon. So off to writing more I go. ^_^

P.S. For the shear fun of it, I'm going to be refering to the characters by thier Japanese names. If you don't know them, here is a list of the main characters:

Satoshi= Ash
Kasumi= Misty
Takeshi= Brock
Musashi= Jesse
Kojiro= James

(I'll use the american names for the Pokemon though)

Summary: In the world of Pokemon, when a kid turns 10 years old, he/she gets the decision to either become a pokemon (which stands for pocket monsters) trainer, or not. Our hero Satoshi dreams of becoming the worlds greatest pokemon master!!! But he wakes up late and is to late to get the typical three starter pokemon, so he gets left with an electric type pokemon named Pikachu, which doesn't like him so much at first. After getting to know Satoshi, Pikachu and him become the best of friends. We the veiwer follow these two and thier other friends water pokemon trainer Kasumi, and rock pokemon gym leader/ wannwbe Breeder Takeshi, as they travel around the worlds in search of battles and pokmon. Making new friends, learning new morals, and becoming one step closer to thier dreams.

Animation: Pokemon isn't the finest in the lot when it comes to art and animation. It actually average at best. But that doesn't mean it isn't bad at all. The artwork is cute, and happy, and fun to look at. Plus I must commend to people work work on this show for being to make over 200 unique looking characters without going to stale, that takes some huge amount of creativity. Not to mention all the different Pokemon out there, it takes talent to make so many unique looking creatures. Plus it gets much better as it goes along. You can see a huge difference between the very firts episode and the lastest episodes out now. Overall not bad animation, but its not something to write home about.

Plot: You may hear alot of people say "what plot?" about Pokemon. Pokemon's plot isn't jaw droppingly amazing, nor is it progressing in a very quick pace..... some say it not progressing at all. Pokemon's plot is very simplistic, and generally goes like this... Satoshi and co. meet a character of the day and thier pokmon, who happens to have a problem, so they help character of the day, and Team Rocket shows up and tries to steal Pikachu or pokemon of the day, they are stopped and then we end the episode with Satoshi and co. waving good-bye to character and pokemon of the day. It rarely strays from that line. But even with it being like that, the plot is still rather cute, buts its not the shows main attraction by far. If anything, its the characters that make the show, and are main characters get along so humurously, they make the show good.

Humor: This is really what makes Pokemon such a hoot to watch. Though to enjoy the humor, you need to have a particular taste in humor to watch pokemon and laugh. Its humor ranges from painful puns, to silly slapstick, but only once has it ever had a visible ecchi scene and that episode was banned in America, so no need to worry. The jokes can either be just plain lame, or they can make you burst a gut. Either way, since Pokemon is a comedy, you shouldn't hav to worry about not laughing at least twice while you watch it. I find this series very funny, so my opinion of the humor in this series is very high, but I just have that taste in innocent humor.

Sound Track: Pokemon, being a world wide popular show, has music in almost every language, so thiers plenty of diversity in your choice of music. I'll be talking about both the English and Japanese sound Track though, since those are the only one I've heard. The English music is pretty good, but rather dependent on taste again. It music genre in English are usually pop, polka, and rap... or at least thats what I can remember hearing for pokemon. It not bad music, but it does have some stale songs here and there, in my personal opinion, the songs openings for in English Pokemon aren't that grand. Japanese openings however, seem to have gotten better since the beginning. I really like some of the songs in the Japanese version, to the point of calling them favorites. It has a wide variety of songs either way, both English and Japanese have sad and happy songs for whichever mood. I like the music, and thats really that.

Overall: This is a decent kids show. Its fun, funny, cute, and mildly entertaining. You don't have to be a kid to like this show (no matter what anyone says), you just have to like anything in the previous sentence. I recemend it to anyone really, especially since its such long and popular show. I say see it just to say you did, if your not interested in watching it for the cutness and humor.

Overall Rating: 8
Animation:7 Plot:5 Humor:8 Sound Track:9
Weight: 19
Date: 10/20/2005 07:06:46 pm PST

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Entry: Anime:Titles:Sailor Moon

Aaahhhh..... Nothing like Strolling down memory lane. I remember this show very well, it was my first anime after all, and my favorite for quite some time until "Rurouni Kenshin" came along. But I'm writing in the "Sailor Moon" title, because nothing is better than classic "Sailor moon" for me. So....after about a year or two of not being here, I have decided to write another review for this site. As always (or recently anyway) I go by the catagories given, while adding a summary as well.

Summary: Usagi is a very clumsy, ditzy, and blonde (no offense to blondes....I have blonde hair myself) 14 year-old-girl who on her way to school, sees a group of kids harrasing a cat. Usagi chases them off and helps the kitty, which has a cresent moon on her forehead that was hidden under a bandaid. As Usagi comes home after going through the day, she notices the cat in her room, and soon finds out that its a talking cat named Luna (of coarse she is freaked out). Luna tell Usagi that she is a guardian soldier from the moon. Luna give Usagi a locket that allowed her to transform into the pretty soldier Sailor Moon. very soon after finding out she finds a friend of hers in danger as a Yokai demon attacks her. Usagi saves her friend, while at the same time, she is saved by a mysterious man in a mask, known as Texuedo Kamen. Not only does that happen but She finds out that there are more soldiers like her. Now Usagi has to find the others, save the universe from Yokai, and ponder who her love, Texuedo Kamen, is...all while trying to juggle her normal life at the same time. Needless to say, her life is now anything but normal.

Animation: For a show made in 1992, "Sailor Moon" wasn't bad at all. It had rather clean flowing animation for its time. Of coarse, now its considered nothing special, or average. I still find the animation for "Sailor Moon" quit nice to look at, and it only improves as you get further and further into the series. Sailor Moon also has that typical Magical Girl genre animation and art, so if your looking for something origional or different, you may want to turn away, although, Usagi's hair style I think is rather unique.

Plot: Its nothing more than your typical magical girl series. But for its time, it set the standard for alot of magical girl shows after it. In a way, "Sailor Moon" is what made the magical girl genre popular. I think it deserves credit for that. Though it may be a typical plot, its still one that can be enjoyed by most. It isn't a very bad plot at all, and its actually very fun, even if it is basic.

Humor: Since when has there ever been a Magical Girl series without humor? "Sailor Moon" is no exception. Just about every episode of "Sailor Moon" has some sort of comical fun, wether its Usagi's clumsyness, her fights with her comrads, or her spats with Mamoru, the man who tends to tease her everyday. Though the humor in this show isn't over the top, it does manage to get a few laughs ever now and then. Most of the humor is no more then cutsey fun, but it can suprise you every now and then and do something outrageously funny. It really all depends on your sense of humor though. Some people don't find cute light-hearted humor funny, where as others think its the best.

Soundtrack: I admit, I'm not really fond of the music for Sailor Moon, I find it rather boring actually. but others may think different. I do think, however, that the dub song that plays during the series's turning point (trying to keep this free of spoilers) is very beautiful and moving, I was moved to tears during that scene, and I think the music has something to do with it, that makes up for the otherwise bland music I hear.

Overall: This a very fun anime that I still enjoy to this day. Even if your not into the Magical Girl, cutsey, girly anime, I still suggest you see this. "Sailor Moon" happens to be a classic anime. No anime fan should go without seeing at least a few episodes of this in my opinion. So go pick it up, its worth a look. Just be warned that "Sailor Moon" all together including all seasons is 200 episodes long, so if your going to be commited to buying this, be sure you have alot of money in your pockets.

Overall Rating: 8
Animation:8 Plot:6 Humor:8 Sound Track:3
Weight: 19
Date: 10/20/2005 05:53:32 pm PST

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Entry: Anime:Titles:Tokyo Mew Mew

Animation: The series has great animation, but it isn't anything extraordinairy. Actually rather average animation for a magical girl shoujo series. I admit though, the animation is at least clean and smooth, also very vibrant and colorful, which is what makes it great to look at. Good art, but nothing to write home about.

Plot: Ichigo is out on a date with the boy she is in love with at an endangered species exibit, when she ends up having her DNA merged with that of an extinct animal (a cat). After getting attacted by a giant altered Rat, she meets a man that has her transform into Mew Mew Ichigo!!! Now she has to save the world from things just like that, along with four other girls, while working part time at their seceret base, which is also a very pretty sweets resterant. The plot is alot like your typical magical girl anime, but it also has a something about it that makes it stand out amongst other Maho Shoujo series. Its a very cute plot that can keep you interested in it for the 53 episodes it runs for.

Humor: The humor is definetly a major part of this series. The things that happen are so cute, and can definitly make you laugh or at least giggle. Weather its Ichigo's giddiness over Masaya, or the fact that cat ears pot out at the worst of times for her, it manages to generate the humor it aims for.

Soundtrack: I haven't heard anything but the ending and opening, so I'm grading it on that. The opening and ending are so upbeat, cutesy, and energetic, you just have to love it. The music is one of my favorite things about Tokyo Mew Mew. I especially love its ending, which is like its singing about a recipy for sweets...its so cute.

Overall: Tokyo Mew Mew is definitly a very fun magical girls anime that could be appreiciated by almost anyone. Great characters, decent plot, and a colorful look. This show is a good thing to veiw at least once. I recemend this to anyone who like Cat girls, magical girl anime like Sailor Moon, cute things, and different colored hair. But even though this anime is good, I don't think it will appeal to everyone. Some may find this show Cliche in some aspects, but other than that, go ahead and watch.

Overall Rating: 8
Animation:8 Plot:8 Humor:8 Sound Track:9
Weight: 19
Date: 05/22/2005 05:43:29 pm PST

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Entry: Anime:Titles:Detective Conan

Plot: The story starts out with high school detective Shinichi Kudo. He is an excellent soccer play , and a mystery geek. He can solve almost any crime flawlessly, and has high hopes of being the real life version of his fictional idol, Sherlock Holmes. Though one day while out with his Childhood friend (as weel as crush) Ran Mouri, he stumbles on to a secret crime organization doing some dirty business where no one was around to see. While spying, Shinichi gets in the head and drugged by the two men he was spying on. When he wakes up he finds out that he was shrunk into a little kid! Now he has to deel with living with Ran and her dad, playing nice with the little kids that force him to be thier friend, and find out who did this to him, while solving other various cases along the way, and doing it all without anyone knowing who he really is, by using the name Conan Edogawa.

Animation: This series started around 1995, so the animation isn't as good as the didgitaly produced anime out today. But that doesn't mean it isn't good. Detectice Conan definitly has a rather unique style to it as well, I've yet to any other anime out there have the same eyes as the characters in Conan, nor as big of ears. But even with the unique style of art, it manages to look cute. For something as old as 95, I think Conan mangages to have pretty decent animation, simplistic but clean.

Humor: If Conan isn't solving a serious thought provocing murder crime, then he and the other characters are making you laugh. The series actually depends on its light humor alot of the time. The chemistry between all the characters are what make this show funny actually, weather its Ran doing things that she normally would not do or say around Shinichi, or Kogoro (Ran's Dad) knocking Conan in the head for butting into his cases (which would never be solved if it weren't for Conan anyway). The show find a way to make you laugh, in one way or another.

Soundtrack: This show has alot of music, a good music to boot. The music in this show ranges from upbeat and fun, to Romantic and heart clenching at times. It a series with such a variety of music, you can find at least one to like.

Overall: This is definitly a very entertaining series. The characters are just wonderful to watch, they just have this thing about them that make them likable. Though the series is very long (Its 300 episodes long and so far still going apparantly), I find that it manages to keep me hooked and looking for more. I recomend this to anyone who likes mysteries, and cute fun entertainment. As well as anyone who doesn't mind killing their wallet.

Note: Detective Conan is being distributed in America by Funimation, under the name "Case Closed". Manga is Being sold by Viz under the same name.

Overall Rating: 9
Animation:7 Plot:10 Humor:9 Sound Track:9
Weight: 19
Date: 11/01/2004 07:39:20 pm PST

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