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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Surplus Shed Kellner 19.9mmKe20--Rate It!
Surplus Shed Erfle 29mmE24.50--Rate It!
Surplus Shed Orthoscopic 15mmO24.5017.00.001/29/2005Rate It!
SkyWatcher Plössl 17mmP30-40104.00.005/18/2011Rate It!
SkyWatcher Plossl 25mmP39118.10.310/19/2010Rate It!
SkyWatcher Plossl 10mmP3957.00.001/06/2003Rate It!
Surplus Shed Erfle 47mmE39.5028.01.005/14/2004Rate It!
Surplus Shed Plossl 50mmP$45.0025.52.504/04/2002Rate It!
Skywatcher/Synta Ulrawide 15Misc50118.00.002/20/2006Rate It!
Skywatcher 2" 35mmMisc+/-5058.00.010/31/2007Rate It!
SkyWatcher UltraWideUwAround 50$106.00.003/22/2011Rate It!
Scopetronix Zoom 7mm-21mmZo$64.95158.80.502/02/2004Rate It!
SkyWatcher Wide Angle 28mmMisc$95.0067.70.703/02/2005Rate It!
Siebert Star Splitter$9929.50.507/21/2007Rate It!
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