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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Pentax SMC-XW 10mmUw$339.003710.00.211/20/2014Rate It!
Televue Ethos 13mm620259.80.407/01/2014Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 4 12mmUw$355.001098.91.504/15/2014Rate It!
Meade 4000 QX 26mmMisc$8957.00.004/09/2014Rate It!
Williams optics SWAN 40mmMisc120$58.00.004/09/2014Rate It!
Explorer Scientific 18mmUw100$109.00.010/26/2012Rate It!
Baader Zoom GENIIZo230$58.00.010/26/2012Rate It!
TeleVue Radian 6mmMisc$240.00339.21.708/16/2012Rate It!
Explore Scientific 4.7mmUw100$69.00.005/30/2012Rate It!
Williams optics SWAN 25mmMisc110$57.00.005/30/2012Rate It!
Meade Series 5000 28mmMisc$279.00259.80.403/21/2012Rate It!
TeleVue Ethos 17mm750229.20.403/12/2012Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 5 26mmUw$580.00489.20.803/12/2012Rate It!
Explorer Scientific 6.7mmUw100$59.00.003/06/2012Rate It!
Vernonscope Brandon 16mmO$189.5029.00.002/10/2012Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 4 17mmUw$385.001429.60.901/30/2012Rate It!
Orion Optiluxe 32mmMisc$139.00118.90.310/03/2011Rate It!
Celestron Zoom 7mm-18mmZoDiscontinued610.00.008/15/2011Rate It!
Celestron NexStar Plossl 6mmP$47.5023.01.008/08/2011Rate It!
Meade Series 3000 Plossl 16mmP$49.95249.60.707/15/2011Rate It!
Meade Ultra Wide Angle 8.8mmUw$239.95669.70.506/22/2011Rate It!
Collins I-3 PIECE$2295.0059.20.706/02/2011Rate It!
SkyWatcher Plössl 17mmP30-40104.00.005/18/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Ethos 8mm5851110.00.005/07/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 5 16mmUw$320.004210.00.005/07/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Panoptic 24 mmMisc2956510.00.005/07/2011Rate It!
Takahashi LE 18mmP$167.501810.00.004/29/2011Rate It!
GSO Superview 20mmMisc5068.82.604/25/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Zoom 3mm-6mmZo$380.00519.60.703/31/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 5 31mmUw$620.00879.70.603/31/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 6 13mmUw$280.00799.31.003/31/2011Rate It!
SkyWatcher UltraWideUwAround 50$106.00.003/22/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 6 9mmUw$280.00589.41.202/20/2011Rate It!
TeleVue Nagler Type 5 20mmUw$440.00169.60.502/20/2011Rate It!
TeleVue 11mm Nagler Type 6Uw$280.003010.00.002/20/2011Rate It!
Generic Ramsden SR4mmNot available552.52.202/19/2011Rate It!
Harry Siebert Optics Standard 26mmMisc$69.00510.00.012/26/2010Rate It!
Harry Siebert Optics Ultra 18mm, 1.25 inchMisc$149.00510.00.012/25/2010Rate It!
Orion Expanse Wide-Field 20mmMisc$49.95257.80.812/11/2010Rate It!
Orion Ultrascopic 15mmP$86.00349.40.611/18/2010Rate It!
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