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Brand and Model Legend Price Wt Avg SDev Last Vt Rate
Nikon 8x30 DIF WP RAII TrailblazerRfMcWp375 USD--Rate It!
Nikon Monarch XRfMcWp$579.95--Rate It!
Nikon TitaniumRfPh$325 street0--03/22/2005Rate It!
Nikon Venturer LX 8x20RfFmcWp$2890--08/09/2003Rate It!
Nikon 7x35EBAK4Fmcdiscontinued59.00.012/10/2003Rate It!
Nikon Action ExtremeBAK4FmcWp$109 - $129108.00.012/29/2004Rate It!
Nikon Astroluxe XL 10x70BAK4FmcWp$2198.9589.00.010/03/2001Rate It!
Nikon Mountaineer II 8x25 CF-WP/RARfWp$199.9539.00.009/18/2005Rate It!
Nikon Shoreline 7x50 CF$120.0029.00.008/24/2001Rate It!
Nikon Sports & Marine 7x50BAK4McWp549.9919.00.007/02/2003Rate It!
Nikon Travelite V 8-24x25 CFBAK4Mc50018.00.010/23/2007Rate It!
Nikon Superior E 10x42BAK4Fmc$799.99559.20.407/28/2007Rate It!
Nikon Superior E 12x50BAK4Fmc$849.99499.90.307/28/2007Rate It!
Nikon Superior E 8x32BAK4Fmc$599.95659.30.503/02/2008Rate It!
Nikon 8x30EBAK4Fmc$25079.60.505/04/2011Rate It!
Nikon Venturer LX 10x42 (Hi-Grade)RfFmcWp$1099.9529.50.501/27/2002Rate It!
Nikon Venturer LX 8x42 (Hi-grade)RfFmcWp$999.95119.10.303/02/2008Rate It!
Nikon XL 8-16x40$650.0039.00.801/04/2001Rate It!
Nash-Kelvinator 6x30$75.0078.30.710/27/2008Rate It!
Nikon Action Fieldmaster 12x50$405.11189.21.012/16/2007Rate It!
Nikon Action Lookout IV 10x50BAK4Mc$200.95157.91.812/13/2003Rate It!
Nikon Action Egret II 8x40CF$302.74207.81.106/17/2003Rate It!
Nikon Travelite 9x25 V$119.9997.82.109/18/2005Rate It!
Nikon Eagleview Zoom II 8-24x25$139.0061.72.408/26/2001Rate It!
Nikon Monarch 8x40RfWp$250.00157.61.512/23/2003Rate It!
Nikon DCF HP 8x42RfMc$299.0037.03.609/04/2005Rate It!
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