William Optics Swan wide angle 15mm

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Subject: Re: vote by xxx.xxx.20.4
By: aldebaran
In Reply to: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.20.4) (Original Vote)
Date: 05/30/2012 06:59:10 am PST
>Good performance on my 75mm f/16 Unitron, Saturn looks good at 80X, good performance also on my ETX90, bad performance on my Megrez 80mm achromatic, the nagler 13mm shows no aberrations in this same scope.
>I think this is a good eyepiece for slow scopes, but for $70 I would recomend a Televue Plosl, the FOV of 72º is Ok for centering objects but nothing will be on focus outside the interior 50º.
>Not a recomended eyepiece.

La gama SWAN es muy recomendable para refractores de F6 en adelante.

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