Orion HighLight Plossl 12.5mm

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Subject: Orion Highlight 12.5mm Plossl
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.163.50)
Date: 09/05/2005 02:10:20 pm PST
The Highlight beat out a Pentax 14mm XW on deep sky. There is only 5X difference between the two eyepieces, 43X for the Pentax vs. 48X for the Highlight, yet the Ring and the Dumbell were bright and contrasty in the Plossl, against a very dark background with a scattering of glittering stars. The view thru the Pentax 14 XW was just plain dull. Not ony that, but the field curvature of the Pentax was very distracting, as was a subtle brightening around the field stop. The only things about the Pentax that I preferred, were of course the greater eye relief and the 70 degrees AFOV. But for sheer beauty the views thru the Highlight trumped the Pentax dramatically.

My scope is a Skywatcher 120mm f5 refractor. The OTA and focuser is lined with black flocked paper, and a 2" Everbrite diagonal is used.

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