Orion HighLight Plossl 7.5mm

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Subject: Orion's HighLight 7.5mm Plossl
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.147.194)
Date: 10/11/2004 02:17:42 pm PST
This eyepiece gives good sharpness and contrast. I use it in my 120ST refractor. Magnification is 80X with the 7.5mm Plossl. I have compared it with the 9mm Type 6 Nagler in the same scope (67X) on deep sky objects and although the Plossl gives higher magnification, the viewed objects seemed at least as bright in the Plossl--and more contrasty than--the same object viewed thru the Nagler. I love the extreme widefield views and greater eye relief of the Nagler, but I also appreciate that the Highlight Plossl renders an image that is as sharp, bright, and contrasty as the Nagler. Go for it!

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