Meade Research Grade Orthoscopic 28mm

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Subject: meade 28mm rg ortho
By: Anonymous (
Date: 01/24/2006 04:30:51 pm PST
I have looked for years for this eyepiece on the used market and have just recently had the good fortune to find one. In a side by side test with a meade 26mm series 4000 plossl the 28mm ortho won hands down. It was clearer, sharper, and exhibited more contrast than the plossl. The plossl does have a slightly larger field of view that the ortho but it has poorer edge definition which, to my mind negates the advantage of the slightly larger field of view. For any kind of viewing where wide field is not paramount this ortho beats anything in its focal range. Why people rush to plossls is beyond me. Take it from an "old timer" The thing the plossl does well is to make profit for the vendor. The ortho, on the other hand, excells where it counts. The image it gives is better than any other type of eyepiece I have seen.

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