Antares Erfle 32mm

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Subject: Moved Message
By: Anonymous (
Date: 05/21/2001 11:22:13 am PST
(will need more experience with it before I rate it)

Large, bright field of view, crisp field stop. Well corrected at
centre field. Decent color correction.

Long eye relief; the most `stable' eye position is some way back
from the rubber eyeguard: blackouts occur when you get too close
and then try to peek around the edge.

Nice shape, too, with a cylindrical body and conical tapering top
part, keeping out of the way of my big nose.

Using this as a `survey' e/p with an 8" f/5 Dobson (Antares Skywatcher),
where it nicely shows up the primary's coma, but hey, it costs about one
third of an N5 31. Gives me more than 2° TFOV, of which about the inner
two thirds are well corrected. I have yet to try it on a coma corrector,
which ought to increase the well-usable part of the field considerably,
and I don't have any 2" filters at present - mated to a 2" UHC, it ought
to make a great e/p for wallowing in galactic nebulosity. The Coma star
cluster (Mel 111) can be enjoyed whole, and 24 Com, a short hop away,
is well separated with fine color contrast.

(In the clever interchangeable focuser adapters of this scope, this e/p
becomes parfocal with the bundled 20mm and 10mm 1.25" `wide-angle Plössls',
which are really a kind of König design, I guess.)

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Subject: 32mm Antares
By: Anonymous (
Date: 04/13/2005 10:51:07 am PST
This eyepiece is a 10 on the value scale.
Its a 7 on the performance scale.

For little $$ this 2 inch format eyepiece provides great views on my F5 - 12.5 and my F4.7 - 16. I was very surprised at the ~ 80% field sharpness,,, then the edge shows arcs or the ussual effects of my fast scopes. The performance rivals that of meades SW models. I have seen much better EPs do the same on the edges.

As expected, a barlow really sharpens the edge performance at a < FL and > FR.
I have no reservations about using this EP.

As for Coatings?
Its shows very well on dim objects.

Its a keeper.

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Subject: Antares 32 mm Erfle
By: Anonymous (
Date: 02/18/2006 01:43:48 pm PST
Very good eyepiece .
With the Antares 32 mm Erfle you don't need a finder scope.
If you want M13, just point therabouts; and in a few passes it's there!
With a well collimated scope, I spend considerable time scanning the Milky Ways' summer band.
There is a smidge of coma, but not enough to comment on.
It is easy to take apart and clean also.
Don't waste time talking about one, just buy and enjoy.

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