University Optics Konig II 12mm

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Subject: UO 12mm Koenig blackening
By: Anonymous (
Date: 09/03/2002 09:56:44 am PST
To my surprise, I have to post a negative review of the 12mm UO Koening due to faulty blackening. I sent the 24mm and 12mm Koenigs back to the distributer for replacements with a note regarding problems with flaking paint and black dust inside the lens elements. Even after cleaning the eyepieces, yet more paint flaked off than before.

Unfortunately, the replacements were just as bad and I gave up. I ended up buying 25mm and 12.5mm UO orthos that were absolutely flawless in comparison (and with much better eye relief). As an aside, the 12mm Koenig seemed subjectively tighter than a 4mm UO ortho in terms of eyerelief (though I could have lived with that).

I'm not rating the eyepiece and have to asume this is some kind of fluke because I've never heard anything like this about quality problems in UO's long history.

Frankly, I'm stunned.

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