Orion Little Giant II 11x70

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Subject: ORION 11 X 70 LG 2
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.188.71)
Date: 02/25/2002 09:43:02 am PST
I would have to second Charles Dunlap's evaluation of these binoculars. Having had some success in the past with Orion units (11 x 80, 8 x 42 wide field) I decided to take a chance on ordering these for use with my new Sky Window binocular mount. While my set are probably better mechanically, I had no real complaints with the center focus or their construction ( maybe a little stiff in focus, but what the heck for under $300). My real complaint is the optics. The halo effect in outer 1/3 of the field of view is very pronouced, appearing like exagerated vignetting. This is a shame because the cause, poor baffling, is so easy to fix in manufacturing. I think maybe $5 in manufacturing costs would have made these very exceptable for the price. Using the Sky Window I can also detect astigmatism in the right side unit which was disconcerting but would not be detectable hand held without a having a mount. I will keep these for casual use but would not recommend them for the money, 11 x 70 Oberwerk's may be a better deal in the low price range from the comments I've been reading. But for now I intend to save my pennys for 10 x 70 or 16 X 70 Fujinon's which are undisputably the best I've ever had the chance to use.

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