Orion Little Giant II 15x70

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Subject: Orion 15 x 70 LG2
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.49.7)
Date: 04/05/2003 11:07:11 pm PST
I have the Helios version , which is identical but easier to purchase in the UK . These are light enough to be hand -held but I use them mainly either tripod or window mounted .Having read very good reviews of this model elsewhere , by people whose knowledge of astronomy and experiences with other binoculars for that purpose far exceeds my own , to be honest I was slightly dissapointed with these . The useable F.O.V is closer to 3 degrees than the stated 4 , and image distortion is quite pronounced from around half -way out .
Jupiter will not resolve to a crisp ball and shows false colour and diffraction and they come nowhere near resolving the trapezium in Orion. My other binoculars are Zeiss , Swarovski and Swift Audubons , all of which are so good in their own ways that I have likely been spoiled for quality .That said , the increased power make these a better choice for specific object study than 10 x 50s and still probably represent good value for money . On that scale I would give these 8 out of 10

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