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Subject: Re: vote by xxx.xxx.216.13
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.242.109)
In Reply to: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.216.13) (Original Vote)
Date: 10/21/2002 05:53:03 am PST
>The Oberwerk 20x80 de luxe is ment to be tripoded.
>I received this pair of binoculars together with a pair of 11x70 Oberwerks. They give what they promise to give.
>Clear star fields and stunning good eye comfort.
>The Oberwerk 20x80 feels like being part of my head, as if its made for my eyes: astonishing good.
>It's a heavy load; you can't hold them in your hands.
>I bought a Bogen tripod and the combination of tripod and glasses surprised me; steady with a magnificent view.
>Unbelievable for that price.
>Optics are sharp; I would say to the edge.
>Perhaps the Fujinons are slightly better; okay but they cost a lot of money. I dind't see much colour fringe around the moon, just a slightly green and the view it gives is overwhelming.
>I'm an Oberwerk fan; really fantastic instrument for a price thats unbeatable.
>Jan Blei

Hi Jan:

Just wondering what kind of Bogen Tripod and head are you using with your Oberwerk 20X80 delux. I've Orion 20X80s mount on my Bogen 3221WN and 501 head and I am very happy with the combo.
However, edge sharness of the Orion is poor. Thinking of getting the Oberwerk 20X80 or something bigger the next time.

Erik D

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Subject: Re: vote by edz
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.117.38)
In Reply to: edz (Original Vote)
Date: 01/08/2004 09:42:25 pm PST
I have the same problem you have mentioned on various occasions with the oberwerks right diopter adjustment.
I have the 22x100 model. I ordered the regular eypiece and still have trouble even with my glasses on.
I have not had the opportunity to take these out in truly dark skies in the three months I have owned them due to the foul seeing conditions this winter in Southern California, but if they give me problems under dark sky conditons such as the Death Valley Area once the weather gets better I will return them.
I also find there is an unacceptable amount of coma or astigmatism on stars. Can't focus them completely. I wonder if it is a collimation problem or something more complex?
I am also not happy with the stiffness of the focusser and the eye width setting stiffness.
One Question.
Since you have had problems with the Oberwerks right diopter with previous models why did you get another pair of Oberwerks?


>I've been using these about a month now. I like the optics, and I have seen some impressive images, but these binoculars do have a few problem areas.
>Images are impressive. Rings of Saturn are clearly separated from the disk at the East and West ends. Gamma Delphinus is split at 9.6". The Orion nebula was outstanding with varying brightness of nebulosity. Three of the four stars in the Trapezium were easily seen. M33 the face on spiral, stood right out.
>They are really heavy, too heavy for the unimount deluxe. They will stay in position, but the mount will not stop shaking. They do much better on a very stable tripod with the fluid motion adjustments very very tight.
>The right eye diopter adjustment on my pair needs to be all the way towards the minus position EVEN WITH GLASSES ON! The right diopter is very limited in the maximum adjustment plus or minus. I cannot use these without glasses. Oberwerk 15x70s that I own have the same diopter problem. Three other binoculars, Pentax12x50, Minolta7x35 and Orion16x80, were right on the center diopter indicator when used with my glasses on. All three could be used without glasses. As I stated, in the 20x80s, I reached the end of the adjustment even with glasses on. In the other three pair mentioned, when used without glasses, my right diopter is set at - 2.5. Both the Pentax and the Orions had adjustment equivalent to about +/- 4 to 5 diopters.
>The manufacturer's stated fov is 3.5*. My actual field measured field of view is 3.2 degrees.
>They do put more faint stars into the field of view than the Oberwerk 15x70s, as would be expected.
>Images are difficult to get really focused sharply. You need to really work at focusing. The Pentax12x50 and the Orion 16x80 came to a fine point focus very easily.
>Sharpness of field does not get poor until out beyond 80% from center to edge. This is very good performance and is similar to that seen in the Oberwerk 15x70s. Its much better than Orion 16x80s, which exhibited poor images 60% out from center and unusable images at 80% out.
>Overall, it's nice to have 20x80 binoculars. But Oberwerk has a few bugs they need to work out.
>edited 2-4-03
>I've had these out many times now in side-by-side comparison with a number of other binocs.
>These have the most reflections off the objective lenses of a dozen binoculars tested. There appears to be at least one element that is not coated. A bright reflection shows detail and color of the object reflected. Ghosting was noted on bright planets. This may be caused by an image reflection bouncing around inside off of an uncoated surface.
>The insides of the barrel reflect light almost as if the barrel were coated with a reflective material.
>Barrel reflections and the lens reflections noted above are reducing contrast considerably. In tests on faint stars and dense clusters, better contrast in Orion Giant 16x80 provides a little more and Fujinon 16x70 provides substantially more resolving ability.
>The 20x80s have the edge only on splitting close doubles. But when it comes to faint objects and the need for contrast, they fall down quickly.
>I have reduced all of my previous ratings by 1 point.

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