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Subject: sky-watcher short tube 80
By: Anonymous (
Date: 02/19/2005 12:02:28 pm PST
Hi,I live under the ultra-cloudy kies of Cornwall,in Britain and my astronomical patience is sometimes tested to the limit!! I own a Tal-100R Refractor (Russian) and the above Sky-Watcher. The Tal is a serious astronomical tool with an exceptionally perfect lens(I once had it up to 800x on the Moon and could still make out details!! The little 80 is not in this league but is still supprisingly satisfying to use being exceptionally light and portable and very easy to setup. Optically tha 80 will give you quite pleasing views of the lunar surface with only slight chromatic abberation at the practical limits of its magnification (200x). Saturn and Jupiter are not bad but of course limited by the very short f/l. Deep sky objects are best revealed under dark skies which make a great difference. I found that this lttle gem responded very well to a decent set of Plossels from the Tal and the Tal star diagonal.The object lens when looked at from the front end seems to be well coated and the main limitations are from cheaper eye-pieces supplied which while not at all bad are not in the same league as the Russian ones.By the way you can get a set of the Russian Plossels for very little money and they are superb,Cheers Dave

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