Starmaster 11" EL/ELT

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Subject: Starmaster 11 " ELT
By: Anonymous (
Date: 08/23/2002 03:27:29 am PST
I have owned my ELT 11 for some months now. I am the former owner of a Starmaster 16, a Televue 101 and pronto. My overall opinion of the ELT is very positive indeed. The only complaints would be nit-picking. The movement is as good as it gets, the optics are very fine indeed. I am no mirror expert, but I have looked through a lot of telescopes. The images this thing produces are a joy to look at. For me, this scope works. It is easy to move and set up, there is enough aperture to get bright images and good contrast in many of the dimmer deep-sky objects, it is well-made and will last, ect. I use an Orion 8" for quick looks, and I enjoy using it and am happy with it, but it is suprising how much this 11" outperforms it. The quality of the Zambuto mirror is no myth. Thanks to Carl and Rick!

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