Saiyuki (Alakazam The Great)

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Subject: Re: Saiyu-ki
By: Erebus
In Reply to: Anonymous ( (Original Vote)
Date: 01/11/2003 12:37:33 am PST
>I've loved this film ever since I saw it when I was a kid. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area
> I am buzy trying to find a copy for purchase.

Saiyu-ki (Japanese version)
Alakazam the Great (1961) aka Magic Land of Alakazam,
and the Enchanted Monkey
(Japanese animation with voices of Frankie Avalon and Jonathan Winters)

I have found little online about this.
As you are probably aware, has a listing for this title but they are sold out. used to have it but it is now out of production and they don't have it any more. has it on their books for US$20 but are also sold out.
Netflix has very little anime range and this is not one of the titles.
Blockbuster has got it for hire, apparently.. but not in San Francisco.

Personally I wouldn't want a copy of this piece in it's Frankie-fied glory. I'd rather watch it in Japanese.. but then again that may be impossible to hunt down.

Directed by:
Lee Kresel, Daisaku Shirakawa, Osamu Tezuka, Taiji Yabushita.
It's not suprising that for such an old film (1960 - American video release 1961) it has made such an impact on those people who love it.
It also had animators from the crews of the Lupin series (and Castle of Cagliostro) and Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad (which is also a Tezuka title).

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.. I suggest you put a plea out on ebay or something -_-'

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