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Subject: Are you sure?
By: Anonymous (
Date: 05/29/2005 01:49:10 am PDT
Are you sure Vegeta would care about Trunks dating Pan? Vegeta would prefur him dating a Saiyan not a human. Now don't get me wrong T/M lovers I don't hate Marron but I think she would be better with Uub or Goten not sure about Yamcha (Somepeople say he cheated on Bulma which he didn't). Am not a very big G/M Fan ether am manily a G/B (Goten and Bra) Fan but i don't mind G/M fanfic's I like them together same with B/U but I just prefur B/G M/U don't ask. beside's My dad goes out with a girl (You know like a girlfriend) who is fourteen years younger then him. And who said it couldn't happen after GT before Vegeta JR and GokuJR? I mean they did skip alot of years. I can't see Trunks with Marron but I can see Marron with Uub, Goten or Yamcha (Am not too sure about that one). And Pan looks so cute with Trunks! Yeah so does Marron but Pan and Trunks look alot cuter then that coplue ! Oh and if I find Anyone instuling MY DAD I WILL KILL YOU ! (not really I don't know how to fight and i don't like it ether.) Oh my mum is older then my dad so you can't really call him a prevert. And yes my Prarents are not together anymore.

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