Helios 20x100 Stellar

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Helios 20x100 Stellar
Using these without a tripod means I have developed large shoulder and arm muscles. My wife thinks this is a bit of a bonus. Unless you're into weight training, I wouldn't recommend this mode of use to anyone who weighs less than 100kg and is reasonably fit.

I had to modify them before they would open wide enough for me to use (the 'bin' part of the word binocular is usually taken to mean for-two-eyes). I find this a common problem with japanese binoculars.

I guess that optically they are a bit better than average. I am very happy with their performance. Mechanically they are very well put together.

I paid £650 (UK) for them, which is around 2/3 the list price in the UK. I have noticed that nobody advertises them anymore. Perhaps they are no longer in production. Having used them, I consider the list price very fair, despite the fact that it is nearly four times the cost of a pair of Helios 20x80s.

I am amazed at what I can see through these binoculars. Even difficult binocular objects are easy to spot. I have never seen the Veil Nebula before, and M57 is so clear I wonder why I haven't spotted it in my old 20x80s. I have rarely had such fun with any piece of astronomical equipment as when I last took these to a dark location (south coast of Jersey, Channel Islands) and spent two hours 'devouring' everything the warm August night sky could offer - marvellous

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:7 Value:9
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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