Vixen Orthoscopic 12.5mm

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Brand and Model:Vixen Orthoscopic 12.5mm
Price ($USD):Discontinued
Focal Length:12.5 mm
Barrel Size:0.965 in
Apparent FOV:40.0 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:0.0 mm
Eye Relief:10 mm
Weight (lbs):

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Vixen Orthoscopic 12.5mm
As a Norwegian I'm used to retail prices twice as high as you in the States, so high quality eye pieces don't come cheap in my country.
Anyhow, when the local importer of Vixen anounced that he was going to discontinue all the 0.96" lenses in his inventory, and sell them at really low prices, I got interrested.
The Vixen 0.96" Ortho product range was (as far as I remember)spanning from 4 to 26mm. I did buy the 6, 9 and 12.5mm, together with a 2x Vixen 0.96" Barlow for a measly total of $110 !!!

The 12.5mm is a "great" small piece .
Absolutely free of glare, contrasty and razor sharp over the whole field.
Eye relief is rather short and FW is narrow, but not adversely so. When I compare this cheap 12.5mm Ortho with my 15mm Panoptic, the Vixen is performing as good, of not better on it's intended victims, the planets moon & sun and doubles.

It's really a small pity that most 0.96" eye pieces are regarded as inferior lenses. Not so if you buy them from a well known quality manufacturer !
As an example;
My 6mm Vixen Ortho will quite clearly split the eps-Lyrae at 83x on my Pentax 500/75 Apo.
At 166x, with the 6mm on the 2x Vixen Barlow, the split is much wider and still quite clear and distinct.

The verdict:
Regarding price & quality, my Vixen Orthos are an unbeatable bunch in their field of use.

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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