Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 3.5mm

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Brand and Model:Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 3.5mm
Price ($USD):$229.00
Type:Misc Wide Angle
Focal Length:3.5 mm
Barrel Size:Dual
Apparent FOV:65.0 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:0.0 mm
Eye Relief:20 mm
Weight (lbs):1

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Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 3.5mm
Very strong construction, and nice coating.
This eypiece provide very sharp view edge to edge (+90 %).
I have two of them, and use them in a Baader binoviewer on a fast f5 refractor (150/750 skywatcher). Sharp views, good contrast, and very small color fringing for a f5 achromat, planetary et moon colors keep natural. with the 15% magificency of the binoviewer, it bring the power to 246 X with a surprisingly good and confortable view. My ploss 4 mm and 6 mm will now stay in them box for long time. I'm also happy because i d'ont need anymore to use and adjust a barlow( good for the eye relief, but wrong to get a perfect stereoview merging.
The price is little high compare to the xcel celeston line, but remember the vixen lvw 3.5 is realy more confortable to use and has a better edge correction.the Lvw 3.5 is also parafocal with the lvw 13 (99 % parafocal) and with two of my celeston ploss 9mm (95 % parafocal) and 32 mm (99 % parafocal) : very easy too jump between the eyepieces.
Please, sorry for my poor english

Overall Rating: 10
Optics:10 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Vixen Lanthanum Superwide 3.5mm
I'd rate the Sharpness = Excellent, Contrast = Very Good, Brightness = Very Good, Lack of Ghosting = Excellent, Freedom from Light Smearing = Excellent, Eye Relief = Excellent, Edge Sharpness = Good-Very Good, Color Purity = Good-Very Good.

I use this eyepiece mainly for Lunar and planetary viewing @ 171x in my telescope, and I am very pleased with this eyepiece. The 20mm eye relief is more comfortable (to me) than that of a 3mm Radian, and it does not have any of the light smearing on brilliantly bright Lunar highlights that I had noticed with the Radian. Compared to the Orion 3.8mm LV, the 3.5mm LVW has better equivalent Sharpness, better Brightness and Color Purity (even though it has one more element), and it seems slightly less Contrast (although it may be deceiving due to the difference in brightness, color purity, and FOV).

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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