UFOptics Magnum 8" Newtonian

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Brand and Model:UFOptics Magnum 8" Newtonian
Price ($USD):649.00
Attributes: un-checked Go-To un-checked PEC
Aperture:203mm (8")
f Ratio:f/4
Focal Length:800mm
Finder:Cross Hair Achro
Electric Power:Battery powered Motor drive (opt
Mount:Heavy Duty German style Equatori
Tripod:Full Size, Adjustable, Heavy Dut
Weight (lbs):total approx. 56
Dimensions (w/h/d):Shorter, Aluminum, More Portable
  • Slow Motion Tracking Cables in Both Axes

  • Large Accessory Tray


  • Top Quality 25mm 1.25" Format "Plossl" Eyepiece

  • Full Aperture Dust Shield

    This exceptional 8" Very Fast Newtonian was designed to meet the great demand for a large, yet very portable, "Deep Space" telescope for those who are especially interested in capturing those beautiful deep space Nebulae, Galaxies, Clusters, Doublets, Etc., that many smaller scopes promise but seldom deliver. Capturing nearly 80 percent more light than top line 6 inch Newtonians, the "Magnum" is equally as efficient at light gathering as the much more expensive 8 " Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes. This ability is required for true "Deep Space" observation and photography, and the "Magnum" is specifically designed for "Deep Space" applications. And if you want to see very high powered detail in breathtaking images of the planets, Moon, Sun ( CAUTION !! : with optional full aperture Solar Filter ), asteroids, comets, and an almost unlimited aray of Celestial delights, this special Newtonian is as good as it gets at anywhere near the price.

    S/H: U$38.00 (Continental US)

    Int'l. Shipping also accepted

    Waiting time: up to 4 weeks

    The 8" OTA is similar if not completely the same in many respects with the Orion Skyview, Coulter Astron, Telehoon Skywatcher, Orion/Celestron/Vixen R200SS, and Apogee.

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