Stellarvue 80/9D Deluxe

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Brand and Model:Stellarvue 80/9D Deluxe
Price ($USD):$439.00
Attributes: un-checked Go-To un-checked PEC
f Ratio:9
Focal Length:720mm
Finder:Red Dot
Electric Power:
Mount:Optional Sky View Deluxe
Weight (lbs):7
Dimensions (w/h/d):4.25/30"

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Stellarvue 80/9D Deluxe
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This is one well built scope. It has a large tube for an 80mm refractor The dew shield and oversized tube make it look more like a short tube 90. The 2" focuser is very smooth and has a long travel. I noted no aperature change with the travel of the focuser as some have noted on the shorter tube (f5) model. The coatings are a dark green tint and do a very nice job of keeping reflections down. The tube is also tripple baffeled inside.
When I took it outside the first thing I did (after cooldown) was focus down on Vega. Nice round bright ball. Inside and outside of focus were identical round diffraction rings. So much for collimation seemed to be perfect or close to it. Then I thought I would go to the double double nearby. I couldn't believe it ... split at 130 power ... cleanly even if they were tine dots in the viewfinder. At 180X they split very nice and the scope handled it. I don't have a lens to go any farther with this scope but suffice to say that it did what was expected and more.
I then switched to my 2" occulars and did some widefield scans. With my 40mm erfle the view was breathtaking. Even with light to moderate light pollution in my skies the contrast was not just good but great. Around bright stars was a very small hint of violet color with the 2" occular. It could even have been the eyepiece. Didn't get to use it on the moon and I am sure that false color would show itself there being that this is an achromat and not an apo.
A couple of days later thought I would try on some deep space objects. This isn't like my 10" reflector and the little scope does have its limitations. However, Adromeda Galaxy shown brightly though I couldn't see detail and the companion galaxy not visable (could have been the light pollution. The ring nebula was much more distinct with the little doughnut very viewable.
All in all impressive. Light and easy to setup. This scope gets used. A little pricey for the aperature but if you compare with a Televue Pronto it is a steal.

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:9 Ease of Use:10 Value:9
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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