Rini Optics 16mm

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Brand and Model:Rini Optics 16mm
Price ($USD):$17.50
Focal Length:16 mm
Barrel Size:1.25 in
Apparent FOV:60.0 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:0.0 mm
Eye Relief:8 mm
Weight (lbs):

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Rini Optics 16mm
I have used this eyepiece in a Starmax 90 at f14 and had very good views of Jupiter and the moon. The contrast was excellent and craters on the moon appeared sharply defined.
The bands on Jupiter were well shown and it's moons showed as tiny disks with a ring around them.

In an 8 inch f10 SCT I observed M55, M15, and M13 with it. It has enough eye relief for people who do not need glasses. It was sharp to the edges in the scopes I used. Nice wide 60 degree field. One of the best views of M55 I have ever had in the 8 inch f10 SCT. All of these clusters showed many pinpoint stars. All this for only $24! It is a keeper.

Mark R

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:9 Value:10
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
Link to this vote: http://excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=443913

Rini Optics 16mm
A good 50 to 60 degrees field of view. In an MK 67, flat across the field, decent color correction and contrast. Definition is good, could resolve delta cygni (113X) the pale blue companion. Barrel is light, almost too light. A good buy at $17.50

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
Link to this vote: http://excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=44354

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