Pentax Orthoscopic 20mm

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Brand and Model:Pentax Orthoscopic 20mm
Price ($USD):Discontinued
Focal Length:20 mm
Barrel Size:0.965 in
Apparent FOV:45.0 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:0.0 mm
Eye Relief:15 mm
Weight (lbs):

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Pentax Orthoscopic 20mm
A rather tiny lightweight eyepiece.
Very sharp and contrasty. Narrow FOW, but not so bad as many other orthos. OK eye relief around 15-20mm
No glare or gosthing despite only a single bluish lens coating. Ideal for planets, sun and moon. Was delivered together with Pentax telescopes in the early 80's.
If you ever get across one for any price under $75 buy it. It will give any orthos around a fair fight.

Overall Rating: 9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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