Orion Electronic Color-Imaging Eyepiece

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Brand and Model:Orion Electronic Color-Imaging Eyepiece
Price ($USD):$119.00
Focal Length:25 mm
Barrel Size:0.965/1.25
Apparent FOV:0.0 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:0.0 mm
Eye Relief:0 mm
Weight (lbs):
Description:Orion Electronic Color-Imaging Eyepiece
Ever waited in a long line for your turn at the eyepiece? Well, those days are over! This state-of-the-art color CCD camera fits like a regular eyepiece into a telescope’s 1.25" or .965" focuser. Real-time color images of the moon, planets, and terrestrial subjects are transmitted via a single RCA video cable to a TV screen. You can even connect it to a VCR or camcorder to record scenes for later playback.

Great for family or group observing because everyone can see the same image simultaneously. It’s an affordable and practical way to share the wonders of nature or the night sky with others! Plugs into AC outlet, includes cable and 110-volt adapter.

Orion Electronic Monochrome Imaging Eyepiece
Now you can transmit the images you see in your telescope directly to a TV screen in real time! The monochrome-imaging eyepiece is essentially a CCD camera that fits into a telescope’s 1.25" or .965" focuser. It projects black-and-white images from the telescope to a TV equipped with an RCA input. And if you want to record the Moon, a planet, or a star cluster you’ve targeted for later playback, you can by connecting the eyepiece to a VCR or camcorder. It also works great for terrestrial objects.

Runs on one 9-volt battery (included) and includes RCA video output cable.

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