Nikon Sports & Marine 7x50

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Brand and Model:Nikon Sports & Marine 7x50
Price ($USD):549.99
Attributes:checked Waterproof checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:50 mm
Magnification:7 x
Prism Type:BAK4 Porro
Field of View:7.5 degrees
Eye Relief:18 mm
Near Focus:82 ft
Weight (lbs):2.7
Dimensions (w/h/d):Size (L&W) inches: 7.1x8
Description:The Nikon 7x50 IF Sports & Marine series includes standard and compass models, both totally waterproof, fogproof and shock resistant to survive in the harsh marine environment.

Nikon chose individual focus for the 7x50's eyepieces to eliminate the need for constant focusing when most viewing is at longer distances. Each ocular lens is focused to meet the requirements of the user's eyes, then no further focusing is required. If lent to a mate, the skipper can return the focus to his own settings quickly and easily.

The optimum ratio between magnification (7X) and objective lens (50mm) delivers an exit pupil of more than the 7mm that will satisfactorily accommodate the human eye during very low light conditions. The result is maximum light gathering at dawn, dusk or fog when navigation markers must not only be seen, but identified for safe piloting in coastal waters, harbors and inlets. The 7X magnification is the power of choice by mariners for steady viewing on the water.

The difference between these glasses and those of lesser quality, Nikon said, is in the optics, for which the company is renowned, and a superb mechanical system that keeps lens perfectly parallel for constant viewing without eye fatigue.

The lens surfaces have Nikon's unsurpassed multi-layered, anti-reflection coatings to transmit the highest possible percentage of ambient light.

Because Nikon's 7x50 IF binoculars were designed for the worst possible combinations of wind, rain, salt spray and even green water cascading over the bow, they were made totally waterproof and totally fogproof.

In the manufacturing process, the Nikon 7x50 IFs are purged of air and moisture, filled with dry nitrogen gas and sealed securely with O-rings. This process guarantees the glasses will never leak nor fog-up even in extreme changes of temperature and humidity. Nikon said the 7x50 IFs are even totally immersion-proof so they can be used in any sea and weather conditions.

The Porro prism binoculars also are rubber armored to make them shock resistant and right at home on the bridge or wheelhouse of a vessel pitching through rough seas. The rubber armor makes these glasses easy to grip, and keeps them from sliding on slick fiberglass surfaces.

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Nikon Sports & Marine 7x50
Initially, I purchased($274 from Focus Camera) the model with compass and rangefinder...big mistake, as the view was not unlike that of looking through a periscope onboard a submarine. The rangefinding reticle stood right down the center of the view as a young deciduous in winter, with the compass taking up the bottom 1/4 of the view...dreadful. The Nikon #7443 is thus specialised for boating, hunting and the like. I wanted a pair for astronomy, and general daytime observation, and without paying $650+ for the Prostars.

I promptly returned the #7443's and bought the NON-compass and NON-rangefinding model, the Nikon #7442($214 from Focus), which are, in a word(s), very good; a bit heavy though, to be expected, and made in Japan. They're not
Prostars, but a most happy compromise indeed, as I took what I would've spent on Prostars, added just a wee bit(okay, maybe a bit more than that) and bought a 4-inch Vixen achromat in their stead.

(Note: My vote of "8" for the optics was cast conservatively,
as they're really very good, if not excellent.)

Alan W. Craft
NW Mississippi

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:8 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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