Nikon Eagleview Zoom II 8-24x25

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Brand and Model:Nikon Eagleview Zoom II 8-24x25
Price ($USD):$139.00
Attributes:un-checked Waterproof checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:25 mm
Magnification:24 x
Prism Type:
Field of View:4.6 degrees
Eye Relief:13 mm
Near Focus:13 ft
Weight (lbs):12.5oz.
Dimensions (w/h/d):4.7x4.3"
Description:Nikon Eagleview Zoom Binocular Page

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Nikon Eagleview Zoom II 8-24x25
I believe this to be the worst binocular that I've ever looked through. The focal point is not the same throughout the zoom range, but even more bothering, the image quality is terrible. Literally, these show less detail at max power than plain-Jane 7x35 fixed power binos in similar price range. I simply cannot understand why a world-class company like Nikon chose to put their name on these contemptable pieces of junk. Forget views that are clear to the edge. Heck, forget clear views, period. These are so bad in terms of resolution, brightness and contrast that they have few equal comparators.

Mike Swaim

Overall Rating: 0
Weight: 4 (Unreliable Vote)
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Nikon Eagleview Zoom II 8-24x25
Perhaps this was a bad pair, but they were very uncomfortable to look through. I believe "out fo collamation" is the proper term. They had good optics and the mechanical side of them seemed very good. The price was very nice too. But I needed something I could look through that the images from both objectives weren't separate and ended up giving me a headace. And of course small apperature equals dim viewing at high power. And small appurature also means low resolution. This biocular would be great for birding where things arent to far away. But not for astronomy.

Overall Rating: 5
Weight: 2 (Unreliable Vote)
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