Meade NGC-60(Telestar)

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Brand and Model:Meade NGC-60(Telestar)
Price ($USD):199
Type:Achromatic Refractor
Attributes: checked Go-To un-checked PEC
f Ratio:11.6
Focal Length:700mm
Finder:5 x 24
Electric Power:9v
Tripod:Meade Basic Aluminum
Weight (lbs):7
Dimensions (w/h/d):3ft by 4ft by 3ft
Description:Don't get this little telescope confused with the other NGC-60.This one will have a BLACK tube,not Silver.It will also say "Telestar by Meade" on the front end where the lens is.

Other Specs:
Maximum Useful Magnification:120x
Limiting Magnitude:11.0 from a 6.0 site(Up to 12.5 from a very dark site)

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Meade NGC-60(Telestar)
The NGC-60 comes in 2 forms:the basic NGC-60A and the Telestar Model.The Telestar has a black tube and will say "Telestar by Meade" on it.

The Telestar NGC-60 is a 2.4" Telescope, with a 700mm focal length and a focal ratio of 11.6.This being said, it can use low power under 30x and view large objects like open star clusters and such.Mine came with 2 eyepieces:Meade's Decent MA25mm and MA9mm.When was the last time your telescope had 2 decent ones?The 25mm is of better quality,I just use the 9mm to look at planets close-up.Another item was a cheap plastic 2x barlow,if you get one and it is made of plastic,it is of little use and you may want to get a real barlow.The 25mm eyepiece magnifies 28x,the 9mm 78x.The Barlow works OK with the 25mm,but with the 9mm at 156x images become blurry.Is the eyepiece and barlow or the telescope?I'm not sure,the 50x rule says this telescope is good only for 120x.

The 5 x 24 finderscope is junk. I have learned just to sight along the tube because of this. You can't even look through it when the telescope points up. The GOTO Computer is nice to have, although it is a bit complex when not properly aligned, which can be tough since it is a weaker computer. I just find the objects myself around 6 of every 10 sessions.

I can't truly star-hop because the LM from my city is only 4.0 on a average night, so I point my telescope in the relative direction of a star cluster/planet/galaxy and begin "sweeping" with the 25mm. Yeah, it can lead me way off at times, but I have found some good-looking double stars and star clusters with this method. The tripod was a bit hard for me to set up: the bolts went in, but got stuck, and because of this 1 of the bolts broke a tripod attachment head. I need a lugnut now. Be careful during assembly! The cheap accessory tray is also easy-to-break. I just keep mine set up indoors, and take it out since it is small when compacted up.

OK, now you are asking: just what can I see with the Telestar NGC-60? Well, ok: Planets first. Mercury is a tiny disc that goes through phases, it is pinkish-gray-blue. Venus is a disc that looks white and goes through phases, much more noticeable. Mars is usually a tiny red disc, but at opposition an experienced observer can make out dark regions and polar caps. Even novices can spot Jupiter's 2 primary cloud belts and the 4 moons, and the GRS can be seen with difficulty, it's small. Saturn's rings are easy even at 30x, at 78x the Cassini Division can be detected on a good night. Uranus and Neptune are tiny starlike points, but Uranus shows distinct Greenish color, which makes it stand out easily and is also nice to look at.

Now you are probably thinking: this is a planets telescope. OK. But I want deep-sky objects. Ok then, get a 6" or 8" Dob. These cost about the same and are far better at deep-sky objects. But if you want a good all-around telescope, the NGC-60 does well at that too. The Orion Nebula is a hazy glow with distinct shape, The Andromeda Galaxy looks like a fuzzy green-white patch, Globular Clusters are all spheres of deep blue, and open clusters like the Pleadies swarm with stars. Did I mention the LM of my skies is only 4.0? (Note:I cannot find any planetary nebulae of intrest to be bright enough from my backyard to be seen)

The NGC-60(Telestar),despite being hard to set up and having some cheap quality items, is a good telescope overall. It is typical for Meade: Great Optics, but everything else has some bad points. However, with a fairly stable mount, upgraded finderscope, and experience, the Telestar NGC-60 is a good 2.4" Telescope. You could do much worse...oh no...not Tasco 60mm! AHHH!!!

Overall Rating: 8
Optics:8 Mount:8 Ease of Use:8 Value:8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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Oh sorry, you may not need to upgrade the mount, It is stable.But upgrad the finderscope.
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