Kepler 150/750

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Brand and Model:Kepler 150/750
Price ($USD):650
Attributes: un-checked Go-To un-checked PEC
Aperture:150 mm
f Ratio:5
Focal Length:750 mm
Finder:6 x 50
Electric Power:YES
Weight (lbs):28
Dimensions (w/h/d):

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Kepler 150/750
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(This text was translated from the French (my language) into English by Goople.

I bought this telescope 3 years ago and it never left me! It is with him that I have decouvert the astronomy which then became my passion.

Significant points:

_ Its mounting: it is motorized in AD, equatorial, German, precise and robust. Manufacturing Clavé chose to equip its Clavius 166, and the tests of the review "Ciel et Espace" make it appear in its strong points! The only negative point is the inaccuracy of these circles of coordonnées.(one can motorize it in option, well on)

_ Its polar sight clever: It grows bigger and is adjusted on pole star + the constellations the entourant(Cassiopeia or Octans). It aims at the real North, entrainant thus best followed than if one refers to a carte.(In option, one can inform it, well on).

_ its ocular : although realized out of plastic, that - çi is of a remarkable solidity and very precis. Clearly luminous detailed with contrast.

_ its tripod: out of aluminium, it is very stable and complete thus mounting. The images are stabilized in less than 4 seconds with average enlargement. _ its eyepieces: whereas in the manufacturers of basic instruments the eyepieces are the objects of worse quality (more expensive bus), at Képler, they are not very expensive and are worth almost their competitors which are with the doubles of price! There too, the tests of another review, "Astronomie magazine" prove it!

_ let us finish by its optics: it of quality. Not excellent but it makes it possible to approach the deep sky and the planet gear with quality and details. The spider is just a little too thick, but how this is compared with all these advantages!
THERE is nothing to note on the researcher .

So at this price where it is this Newton of 150mm of opening is exceptional for this investissement.Si one compares this Képler with a more expensive mark (Vixen, Celestron...), one realizes very quickly that in spite of certain defects, the price is worth largely this material. Being "Made In China", one can include/understand this fall of the prices, but most significant is this impressive quality of the material. It offers a very appreciable profit of light compared to one 114/900 at a price defying any serious competition. Kepler 150/750 mm of a diameter according to your budget, will open ways to you by putting at your range the traditional and modern techniques of observations accessible to the amateurs on an instrument from mechanical and optical quality. Personally, I do not regret having bought it.
Quality report/ratio - price never considering.

For photographs or to contact the retailer in France (I do not have that this address...):

Go y that is worth the blow.

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