Celestron/Vixen C102F

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Brand and Model:Celestron/Vixen C102F
Price ($USD):$1500 OTA
Type:Apochromatic Refractor
Attributes: un-checked Go-To un-checked PEC
Aperture:100mm (3.9")
f Ratio:f/9
Focal Length:900mm
Electric Power:none
Weight (lbs):lbs.
Dimensions (w/h/d):
Description:Made by Vixen in the mid '80s, sold by Celestron

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Celestron/Vixen C102F
I have one of the older C102F scopes on a Super Polaris mount. Having owned many top name 4" APOs, I find the C102F to be among the absolute best. Razor sharp high contrast images and quick cool down. The stock focuser is OK but not much more and the mount adequate. However, the optics match any APO doublet I have owned or looked through (Showa, Takahashi, TV 102, etc.). It is a mystery to me that they do not sell for far more used than they do,they are superb scopes.

Overall Rating: 10
Optics:10 Mount:8 Ease of Use:10 Value:10
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
By: sheepdog
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Celestron/Vixen C102F
No longer sold, but if you get it used, this is an excellent apo scope at a very reasonable price. Puts up a strong fight against the Tak FS-102! I've had both and I love both OTA's. The Vixen is of course not as "solidly overbuilt" like the Tak and is lighter. The focuser is not as substantial or smooth as the TAK, but I cannot fault the quality of the Vixen optics. This is a long tube, so you might need to upgrade the short Vixen tripods that are supplied to something heavier and more substantial. Given the quality of the optics, I have gladly spent cash on upgrading the tripod.

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:9 Mount:5 Ease of Use:8 Value:9
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.220.114)
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Celestron/Vixen C102F
If my house was on fire and I had time to save only one scope, it would be my C102F.

The optics of this scope far exceed those of any other 4" refractor I've ever owned or had the opportunity to look through. All images are sharp and have excellent contrast. With quality oculars (e.g. Pentax SMC Orthos) I've been able to discern more surface detail in planetary observations than with any other scope I've owned (with the exception of my 12.5" Cave). With TeleVue Naglers and Pentax XLs, deep sky objects have stunning amounts of visual detail, and star images are pinpoints of light on a velvet background. The image quality of these scopes rivals or exceeds that of any TeleVue, Takahashi, Pentax, or modern Vixen scope I've owned/observed through, and, while infrequent, these scopes do come up on the used market from time to time - and, in my opinion, the price range they're currently bringing ($1500-2000) makes them an excellent value. I highly recommend this scope as well as its smaller siblings (the 90mm and 70mm versions).

Overall Rating: 10
Optics:10 Ease of Use:10 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.225.211)
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Celestron/Vixen C102F
Nearly as good as Takahashi, but slightly below the Zeiss scopes.

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.108.168)
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Celestron/Vixen C102F
I have owned several other telescopes, including a Celestron SPC8, a CG11, and a D&G 8" refractor. The only one which exhibits finer planetary detail is the 8" refractor. Stars are pinpoint in the C102F at lower powers, and display textbook diffraction patterns at higher magnifications. The mount has been very stable, even in up to 30MPH winds in the mountains. If substantial astrophotagraphy equipment is needed, however, a heavier duty mount would be appropriate. For visual work and light astrophotography, it is an excellent tool, being of high optical quality, and easily portable.

Overall Rating: 10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.254.70)
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Celestron/Vixen C102F
This was one of the first fluorites sold. The mechanical
finish is so-so, but the optical quality is outstanding.
They were sold on Super Polaris mounts, which were inadequate.
The color correction outside visible appears fair (i.e.
trouble with an unfiltered CCD), but visually it knows
"no limit" to magnification and has exceptional contrast.
The tube is long, but light.

I sawed the tube down by 1/2" to reach focus with a 2" star
diagonal with a 15" TV widefield. I have never, ever seen
false color on any object with this scope. It beat a very
early Tak 100 side by side. In the 1988(?) pass of 23 Sag (??)
through Saturn's rings, it just blew away the view in a C11
right next to it. I owned a 6"f/9 AP StarFire, and in crappy
seeing (as I almost always have), the C102F was almost always
the preferred instrument.

I love this scope.

15 years later, you can still find them. They are 900mm focal
length (different than the new Vixen fluorites), and should
run about $1400. Mount yours on something worthy.

Overall Rating: No Vote
Weight: <none>
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.3.1)
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