Celestron Traveller 10x25

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Brand and Model:Celestron Traveller 10x25
Price ($USD):$59.95
Attributes:un-checked Waterproof checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:25 mm
Magnification:10 x
Prism Type:BAK4 Porro
Field of View:5.2 degrees
Eye Relief:11 mm
Near Focus:9 ft
Weight (lbs):11 oz.
Dimensions (w/h/d):50x106x120mm
Description:Your mother was right when she said the best things come in small packages, if she was talking about Celestron’s Traveler Series Porro Prism binoculars. And with the wide range of options we have available within this Series, your desire for a compact, high performance binocular is guaranteed to be satisfied.

All models feature high density BAK-4 prisms, which excel at eliminating internal light scattering and produce sharp images.

The inverted prism design used in these binoculars allows the objective lenses to be closer together than they are in other designs. This translates into a smaller overall size, giving you a pair of superb binoculars that tuck easily into your pocket.

The 8x21 models are so compact and lightweight (just 6 ounces!), they make it easy to have a binocular available any time, anywhere, so you’ll never miss a view or detail that interests you.

Celestron Traveler Series Binoculars

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Celestron Traveller 10x25
Well Armored; Very nice construction. Field edges relatively sharp as well. Minimal chromatic behavior on edges of sharp objects. Focus very smooth and easy, with lots of travel. Good snappy focus, however. Depth of field less than with larger [40-42mm] types, but acceptable. 9' near focus achievable. Exit pupil [2.5mm] is round - BAK-4 prisms are very welcomed here - minimal, if any, vignetting of the exit pupil [I couldn't see any].

Split cantilever design means that optics remain sealed with no exposed moving parts. Recessed objectives mean highly reduced likelihood of damage to lenses during field use. Diopter adjustment is fairly generous [about 3.5 I estimate], and is relatively stiff to reduce tendency to change during heavy use.

Objectives well coated [deep green], oculars are the MgF2 blue type. Seem to have decent light throughput for size. The 11 Oz. weight means that 10x isn't a problem for aiming. THe 11mm of eye relief is right on the edge for comfort. Anything less would be annoying, any more would be better for eyeglass wearers, though one should be able to use these [BARELY!] with externally-worn corrective lenses [ie: glasses]. Easy to obtain entire 52 degree AFOV, though.

Some internal reflections/glare noted when aimed towards [within 20 degrees of]solar direction. Contrast seems good so far. Have not tested on stars to determine optical performance in that application [only 25mm anyway, but we'll see].

Overall, a better offering than Bushnell competing units, though they are water/fog proof. I'd place them between the Bushnell's and the Pentax binos, but closer to the competative Pentax lineup of small 25mm glasses.

Rated 8 due to combination of image/field sharpness, build quality and price.

Overall Rating: 8
Weight: 15 (Trustworthy Vote)
By: Anonymous (xxx.xxx.255.173)
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