Iron Horse Trail

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Name:Iron Horse Trail
City:San Ramon [Get a Map of the area!]
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Description:Runs from Pleasanton all the way to Pitsburg! Long trail that runs through the downtown area of several cities as well as some parks. The trail is relatively smooth, with some road crossings and rough in a few spots of disrepair.

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Iron Horse Trail
This is one of the longer, more popular paved trails in the East Bay. I've done the Danville-Walnut Creek segment the most and have also done segments from Pleasanton-Danville. Overall, the trail is nice, smooth, and wide enough for some good skating.

The trail runs by a couple of parks and schools including Central Park in San Ramon and Osage Park in Danville making it a good warm up for a day at the park. There's also a couple of water stops and also commercial shops like Jamba Juice and Starbucks the come up ever major intersection or so.

Because the trail is so long and smooth, it makes for a good workout. However, there are a few minuses, the biggest of which is probably all the street crossings which force you to at least slow down to make sure the way is clear. There's probably the highest density of street crossings in the Danville-San Ramon areas. Other more minor cavaets include some short segments being in disrepair so that you have to be a little careful where your skates go and there's also some debris on the trail due to overhanging trees (which provide good shade in the summer). Depending on the segment and time of day, you may also run into a lot of pedestrians along the trail; I once ran into a pack of kids getting out from school.

Variety-wise, there's hardly any grand scenery. The trail's mostly dry, running past schools, parks, commercial buildings, many large houses in Alamo, and alongside creeks; suburban sprawl for the most part. There is a side trail in Walnut Creek that you can take up into the Diablo Mountain foothills called the Canal trail. The "canals" aren't much to look at (they sort of remind me of Terminator 2), but the trail will take you up along Ygnacio Valley Boulevard quite a ways.

Overall a good trail. Great for beginers, yet interesting enough for intermediate skaters, there are a few obstacles along the trail including many curb step ups and downs, bridges, street crossings, and people. The trail is slightly inclined in certain stretches, only being perceivable when doing workouts and the like.

Overall Rating: 8
Family:8 Exercise:9 Variety:5
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
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