Vasona Park

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Name:Vasona Park
City:Los Gatos [Get a Map of the area!]
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Description:This is also known as the Los Gatos Creek trail. You can basically take the trail into Vasona Park and then go all the way to Downtown Los Gatos.

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Vasona Park
This is a pretty long trail that can take you all the way into downtown Los Gatos, almost right to the door of a "Juice It!". The Park itself is a nice place to hang out, though, as with most lakes with ducks, it isn't the cleanest place and the water is pretty murky.

The trail is also not soo tidy, containing sticks, rocks, water spots, and other debris so you need to be a little careful at time. The trail into downtown LG also winds through a couple wooden bridges.

This trail is definitely best for a nice, scenic, slow skate. The trail itself is also a little narrow and can get congested with bikers and pedestrians.

Overall Rating: 7
Family:8 Exercise:6
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
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Vasona Park
From Vasona Dam to the Prunyard shopping center is some of
the best skating I have ever done. The hills are awesome!!!
It can get really crowded on the weekends and the trail is
rough at times. The hill behind the Dam has a sharp turn
around a blind corner but it is truly a rush to hit it at
full speed.

Overall Rating: 9
Family:8 Exercise:10 Variety:9
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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