e-Scopes Kellner 27mm

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Brand and Model:e-Scopes Kellner 27mm
Price ($USD):$29.95
Focal Length:27 mm
Barrel Size:1.25 in
Apparent FOV:40.0 degrees
Field Stop Dia.:0.0 mm
Eye Relief:0 mm
Weight (lbs):0.2

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e-Scopes Kellner 27mm
This eyepiece is really a mixed bag. Mechanically it's okay, color correction is good, and edge correction I'd say is amazing for the price: even at f/4.5 it shows only a trace of softness. The field of view is much wider than advertised--more like 50 degrees than 40--and it's threaded for filters. BUT the coatings are so bad that if you point it at anything bright you'll think you've crashed Casper's family reunion: ghosts everywhere! Sure, Jupiter has four moons, but to look through this you'd think Earth did, too. Works for the Milky Way, but....

Overall Rating: 5
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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e-Scopes Kellner 27mm
Last entry: To do so would be a very common mistake: Every eyepiece design has a specific focal length range at which it performs best. The PANOPTIC optimum f.l. is 19 - 22 mm, NAGLER 7 - 9 mm. People buying whole sets of the same eyepiece design don't take advantage of this opportunity. After many comparisons and careful testing I settled with a 22mm-PANOPTIC, a 9mm-NAGLER, a 5mm-RADIAN, a 4mm-TAK-HE and a 2.8mm-TAK-HE.

Overall Rating: No Vote
Weight: <none>
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