SkyCraft 15x70 Deep-Sky

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Brand and Model:SkyCraft 15x70 Deep-Sky
Price ($USD):$159.00
Attributes:un-checked Waterproof checked Armored
Objective Lens Size:80 mm
Magnification:20 x
Prism Type:BAK4 Porro
Field of View:3.5 degrees
Eye Relief:18 mm
Near Focus:100 ft
Weight (lbs):3.25 lb.
Dimensions (w/h/d):
Description:SkyCraft keeps in stock the very popular 15x70mm and 20x70mm binoculars. These 70mm objectives gather significant light and are ideal for astronomy and avid nature watchers. Law Enforcement agencies also utilize these binoculars for low light surveillance. The higher 15x and 20x magnifications allow observation of many globular clusters and especially the open clusters which under higher magnification reveal their true natures. Even the ring nebula in Lyra can be seen with it's familiar smokey oval visible from city skies when used with a steady binocular mount.

These quality binoculars feature full multi-coating of the optics which can often be found on more expensive binoculars costing several times our price. These coatings prevent light loss due to reflection and scattering of light, in order to provide the highest level of light transmission.

Precise focus control ensures that image focus will not drift and the 15x70mm model offers excellent long eye relief (which is handy if you wear glasses) while the 20x70mm provide standard eye relief. Both models of binoculars have handsome rubber-armored metal bodies, all-glass lenses, right ocular diopter adjustment, brass 1/4-20 tripod adapter threading, strap, soft case, and caps.

Please note that higher power binoculars are best used with a sturdy tripod or binocular mount if serious deep sky observing or smaller objects are desired as noted above. SkyCraft has a lo-cost "L" adapter for use with a standard photographic tripod as well as a premium binocular mount specially designed for use with our "Deep Sky Series" 70mm binoculars.

SkyCraft Canada Binoculars

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SkyCraft 15x70 Deep-Sky
This first so-called "review" appears to be posted by the owner of Skycraft Canada, which is seemingly a ploy to gain buisness. It is proper to therefore suggest a high level subjectivity is in fact, at work. I have done buisness with Skycraft as well as sent buisness their way in the past. Considering the fact that I feel misguided by Skycraft for the reasons in my own personal review rating, I am being more than fair in this case.
Know what you're getting into before buying products that are the least bit questionable. Be well informed and speak up when service is not consistent in order to help others.

Overall Rating: 4
Optics:3 Value:5
Weight: 5 (Veritable Vote)
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SkyCraft 15x70 Deep-Sky
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Good quality light weight binocular suitable for astronomical observation as well as terrestrial views. Sharp optics with little overall distortion. Good value for money spent.

Overall Rating: 9
Optics:9 Value:10
Weight: 1 (Unreliable Vote)
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