Katsuhiro Otomo's masterpiece! I really enjoyed the movie and the manga (comic) is exceptional. Also, try Otomo's Domu: A Child's Dream manga. Wicked!
Back 2 Akira. Outstanding animation! And when the city is being destroyed at the end, wow! I didn't realise how incredibly realistic it was until the Twin Towers tragedy. NE1 who hasn't yet seen it, what r u waiting 4? Experience anime at it's best.

Overall Rating: 10
Animation:10 Plot:10 Humor:5 Sound Track:6
Weight: 10 (Trustworthy Vote)
Link to this vote: http://excelsis.com/1.0/displayvote.php?voteid=70759

Yup, Akira is one of the best. I'm glad you think so too! ^_^ 
I have never read Otomo's Domu: A Child's Dream before, but I'm pretty curious now! *^_~*


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